About Us

We report with compassion and put individuals at the core of each story. We adopt a human-first strategy in all that we report-be news and legislative issues or way of life and amusement and we cover genuine tales about reality. Despite what your identity is, the place where you live for sure you accept, you can rely on us to assist you with exploring what’s going on on the planet and what it means for you. We think about the necessities, interests and interests of our perusers in the entirety of our news coverage. Assuming that something matters to our perusers, it is important to us.

At MNC 2014 we:

  • Pay attention to our perusers and cover the points that make a difference to them;
  • Cover an assorted scope of points and alternate points of view in a true, appealing voice;
  • Are really both worldwide and nearby, with privately staffed newsrooms and versions all over the planet;
  • Incorporate a variety of voices that are not in every case part of the discussion.


We trust variety – in what our identity is, in the crowd we compose for and in whose accounts we tell – is basic to our main goal. We expect to compose for, and not just about, those avoided with regards to customary power structures; to move toward stories comprehensively; and to serve an assorted crowd with stories that make a difference to them. This implies remembering an assorted scope of voices for our revealing, effectively chasing after variety in our newsroom, and paying attention to our perusers and watchers to ensure we’re essentially as open and responsive as could be expected. Read More About Us